Terms of Use


Is to define the conditions when you use applications and services provided by SHEEPAPP. If you use the services or if like each user to download an application, so we hope deemed to agree to the following provisions at that time, please check the contents before use.


  • The application is owned and copyright SHEEPAPP (except some libraries, etc.) are. Redistribution without permission SHEEPAPP, sell, modify, localize, as decompilation can be performed.


  • Freeware is available for free use license with no registration required. Since we have assumed for personal use, but if you are using it, please contact us at Corporate. Customization of the application, supply OEM, and support services are also available.


  • Shareware is available to buy from the App Store. Also the nature of the software product, return Please note was not accepted.

    シェアウェアはApp Storeより購入していただけます。またソフトウェア製品の性質上、返品は受け付けておりませんのであらかじめご了承ください。

  • Result of using the application, so users directly, indirectly, for any damage that occurs, SHEEPAPP is not responsible.


  • If the application is not working properly, PC on your version of the OS, be possible to mention your detailed information such as the software was up to that time, please contact us.


  • Introduction of magazine and applications such as WEB site, the link we have granted unconditionally. Advance, so in any post, please let us know. Direct link to the download URL for the application but has been delayed.


  • Since accepting the opinions and requests to the application, please email us.


  • Questions on the application Please note it may serve to answer technical.


  • We also offer customization and OEM applications such as the supply.


Privacy Policy


SHEEPAPP recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and strive to protect your personal information in accordance with the following policies.


  • SHEEPAPP is personal information from customers, other than to provide support to purchase and use of our products, or to disclose to a third party or never.

    SHEEPAPP はお客様からお預かりした個人情報を、弊社製品の購入およびサポートの提供に使用する目的以外、第三者へ提供したり開示したりすることは決してありません。

  • SHEEPAPP will reliably protect your personal information, we will make every effort to be used in accordance with the intent of our customers personal information.

    SHEEPAPP はお客様の個人情報を確実に保護し、お客さまの意図に従って個人情報が使用されるよう最大限の努力を致します。